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Are you looking for a beginners,

or advanced floral design course,

or just want to join a fun 4 hr floral workshop,

or are you serious about starting your own flower business & need some guidance?

Welcome, you are at the right place!

When you book a workshop or floral class with me you can look forward to receiving an abundance of high quality fresh flowers, high level theory and a professional well planned class / floral workshop.

Above: Photos above were taken at the Full Day Beginners Wedding Floral Design Class that I hosted on 4 Nov 2023 in Durbanville.

Next In-Person Floral Course

27 & 28 January 2024 | Durbanville

Our Annual Two Day Beginners Level Wedding Floral Design Course (in-person). This only happens once a year, don’t miss the opportunity.

I will be hosting this two day course in Durbanville, Cape Town. The price includes all materials, a professional theory session, a stunning selection of flowers, your own starter training manual, practical sessions (take your arrangements home at the end of the course), refreshments & light lunch on both days.

Who is Floral Training?

Floral Training with Tangerine is me, and I am Tangerine Snyman, a fun loving (and sometimes a little serious) independent Floral Educator.

I started my own Wedding & Event Floral Design business back in 2009 and started offering floral workshops in 2016.

Teaching Real Skills to Real People” is my focus and I teach content that is on trend and skills that you can immediately apply. My content is based on my experience in the wedding & event industry as well as running my own flower shop.

Born to a Dutch-Mom who was also an enthusiastic & creative Floral Designer, I was blessed to have had floral design as a part of daily life growing up (I have had the best teacher).

From an early age I was exposed to the creation and technical side of floral design mechanics that are unconventional and not baught in a shop, as the goods were simply not freely available in South Africa back then. My courses & workshops includes my own better & effective ways of doing things, as well as tried and tested floral design products that work!

I am based in Cape Town and operate from my private Event Floral Design space out in the beautiful farm lands. In terms of Floral Training, my business is classified as an online business and I host atleast one live online workshop per month. BUT, you can also attend in-person training with me in a one-on-one private session or in a small group setting.

If you are based in Gauteng, I have trained local facilitators there who can still assist with one-on-one or small group training – enquire here.

Part of my mission is to improve the South African Floral Design Industry firstly through education (better product understanding and better design skills), as well as through setting more clear & attainable industry standards, right for our economy and our people.

Hope you will book a class or a fun floral workshop with me.

Choose how you want to study

Select in-person floral designing courses
Click to visit our page with our online floral design courses.
  1. *Recommended* One-on-One Personalised Training: I will put together a customised course just for you, from 1 day up to 5 days. I have only a few dates available in February 2024 and March 2024. More info here…
  2. In-person Group Training: I schedule just 1 or 2 group classes per year (in the Cape) – see the schedule here…
  3. Online Training: I have some free standing video classes available and then I also host online classes from time to time. In February 2024 the Online part-time floral design course will kick off – if you are interested in this course please get in touch with me here. More info here…

Who will benefit most from learning with me?

  • Just for fun flower enthusiasts, plant lovers, gardeners, artists, interior designers or anyone who wants to learn something new and be creative with flowers.
  • Beginners: I have courses and workshops that are perfect for beginners, no previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate: I also offer classes for intermediate florists who have some skills and some experience, but who would like to learn more or gain practical hands-on experience.
  • Wedding Floral Design Business Classes: Perfect for floral designers that are batteling to navigate their business systems, pricing, how to consult with clients, how to market your service and find your right clients.
  • Caterers that want to add another service to their existing business.
  • Balloon artists that want to add another service their balloon or other decor business.
  • Those who want to start your own wedding florist business.
  • Anyone that wants to just do flowers for small private events.

Testimonial from a one-on-one Student – March 2023

What type of classes do I offer?

  • Just for fun 3 hour workshops
  • Wedding Flower Classes*
  • Small Event Flowers*
  • Bridal Party Flowers*
  • Bridal & Bridesmaids Bouquets*
  • Greenery & Floral Table Runners*
  • Wearable Florals / Floral Jewellery*
  • Flower Crown making workshops*
  • Floral Installations (hanging or on a structure)*
  • Event Floral Design
  • DIY dried & coloured flower arrangements*
  • Occasion Flowers
  • Luxury Hatbox Arrangements*
  • Designer Wrapped Bouquets
  • Office Flowers
  • Hotel Flowers
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Event Floral Design Business Classes (pricing, quoting, consulting, service agreements, etc)
  • You can also book a floral business coaching session or series with me

* My personal favourites!

Other services:

  • Flower crown workshops as an activity at your Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or Corporate Event, etc.
  • Team Building / Year End / Secretaries Day and Woman’s Day flower arranging demonstrations or workshops for corporates and others.
  • Media Events or Product Launch fun floral workshops, floral design service or flower arranging demonstrations.
  • Creative Business Logo & Website services & training.
  • Wedding Flower Business Coaching to my students & qualified floral designers.