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Do you want to learn how to make gorgeous flower arrangements?

Welcome, you are on the right place to making a great start!

Above: The view of what you can typically expect when you walk into an in-person Floral Workshop with me. Professional, organised and well planned floral training. Photo taken at the Luxury Hatbox Floral Workshop I hosted on 21 May 2023.

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Who is Floral Training?

Floral Training with Tangerine is me, and I am Tangerine Snyman, a fun loving (and sometimes a little serious) independent Floral Educator.

Teaching Real Skills to Real People” is my focus and I teach content that is on trend and skills that you can immediately apply. My content is based on my 14+ years experience, which also includes my own wedding floral design business – Pink Energy Floral Design (www.pinkenergy.co.za). If there is a better and more effective design/mechanic/way of doing it, I will find it, test it, and teach it to others!

Born to a Dutch-Mom who was also an enthusiastic & creative Floral Designer, I was blessed to have had floral design as a part of daily life growing up (I have had the best teacher).

I am based in Cape Town and operate from my private Event Floral Design space. In terms of Floral Training, my business is classified as an online business and I host atleast one live online workshop per month.

You can also attend in-person training with me in a one-on-one private session or in a small group setting. I host these In-person flower arranging workshops & classes from my private space (and I do prefer keeping classes small so that everyone gets the most value from their learning experience). For bigger classes I hire a venue. Occasionally I travel to Gauteng to host a class/workshop there.

My mission is to improve the South African Floral Design Industry firstly through education, but also through setting industry standards.

Hope you will book a class with me.

Choose how you want to study

  1. *Recommended* One-on-One Personalised Training: I will put together a customised course just for you, from 1 day up to 5 days. I have only a few dates available in December 2023, February 2024 and March 2024. More info here…
  2. In-person Group Training: We are in the process of scheduling a few half day & full day in-person floral workshops & classes. More details coming soon.
  3. Online Training: I host atleast once live online floral workshop a month or book a Video Classes to learn and do the practical in your own time with guided tutorial videos & theory lessons. More here…
Select in-person floral designing courses
Click to visit our page with our online floral design courses.

Who will benefit most from learning with me?

  • Beginners: I have courses and workshops that are perfect for beginners, no previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate: I also offer classes for intermediate florists who have some skills and some experience, but who would like to learn more or gain practical hands-on experience.
  • Caterers that want to add another service to their existing business.
  • Balloon artists that want to add another service their balloon or other decor business.
  • Those who want to start your own wedding florist business.
  • Anyone that wants to just do flowers for small private events.
  • Just for fun flower enthusiasts, plant lovers, gardeners, artists, interior designers or anyone who wants to learn something new and be creative with flowers.

Testimonial from a one-on-one Student – March 2023

What type of classes do I offer?

  • Wedding Flowers*
  • Small Event Flowers*
  • Bridal Party Flowers*
  • Bridal & Bridesmaids Bouquets*
  • Greenery & Floral Table Runners*
  • Wearable Florals / Floral Jewellery*
  • Flower Crown making workshops*
  • Floral Installations (hanging or on a structure)*
  • Event Floral Design
  • DIY dried & coloured flower arrangements*
  • Occasion Flowers
  • Luxury Hatbox Arrangements*
  • Designer Wrapped Bouquets
  • Office Flowers
  • Hotel Flowers
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Event Floral Design Business Classes (pricing, quoting, consulting, service agreements, etc)
  • You can also book a floral business coaching session or series with me

* My personal favourites!

Other services:

  • Flower crown workshops as an activity at your Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or Corporate Event, etc.
  • Team Building / Year End / Secretaries Day and Woman’s Day flower arranging demonstrations or workshops for corporates and others.
  • Media Events or Product Launch fun floral workshops, floral design service or flower arranging demonstrations.
  • Creative Business Logo & Website services & training.
  • Wedding Flower Business Coaching to my students & qualified floral designers.