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Is your DREAM to learn to create stunning floral art, or do wedding flowers for an additional income…?

Be INSPIRED & get CREATIVE with flowers!

Welcome, to Floral Training SA

What do we teach?

Well, Floral Design Skills of course! (aka flower arranging)

Floral Design is a hands-on skill that includes flower arranging & styling for weddings or special events.

We also offer Floral Business Consulting as well as a number of Flower Business Video Classes, should you need to learn more about the business side of Floral Design. Get in-touch with me to find out what business classes I have available.

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Who will benefit most from our courses?

  • Just for fun flower enthusiasts, plant lovers, gardeners, artists, interior designers or anyone who wants to learn something new and be creative with flowers.
  • Beginners: I have courses and workshops that are perfect for beginners, no previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate: I also offer classes for intermediate florists who have some skills and some experience, but who would like to learn more or gain practical hands-on experience.
  • Wedding Floral Design Business Classes: Perfect wedding florists who needs to learn about pricing, how to consult with clients, how to market your service and find your right clients.
  • Caterers that want to add another service to their existing business.
  • Balloon artists that want to add another service their balloon or other decor business.
  • Those who want to start your own wedding florist business.
  • Anyone that wants to just do flowers for small private events.

Testimonial from a one-on-one Student – March 2023

What type of classes can we offer?

1. Online Wedding Courses 2. Personalised one-on-one training

  • Just for fun 3 hour workshops
  • Wedding Flower Classes*
  • Small Event Flowers*
  • Bridal Party Flowers*
  • Bridal & Bridesmaids Bouquets*
  • Greenery & Floral Table Runners*
  • Wearable Florals / Floral Jewellery*
  • Flower Crown making workshops*
  • Floral Installations (hanging or on a structure)*
  • Event Floral Design
  • DIY dried & coloured flower arrangements*
  • Occasion Flowers
  • Luxury Hatbox Arrangements*
  • Designer Wrapped Bouquets
  • Office Flowers
  • Hotel Flowers
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Event Floral Design Business Classes (pricing, quoting, consulting, service agreements, etc)
  • You can also book a floral business coaching session or series with me

* Our personal favourites!

Other services:

  • Flower crown workshops as an activity at your Bridal Shower, Baby Shower or Corporate Event, etc.
  • Team Building / Year End / Secretaries Day and Woman’s Day flower arranging demonstrations or workshops for corporates and others.
  • Media Events or Product Launch fun floral workshops, floral design service or flower arranging demonstrations.
  • Creative Business Logo & Website services & training.
  • Wedding Flower Business Coaching to my students & qualified floral designers.