About & Welcome

Do you want to start your own business doing wedding flowers?

Perhaps you just want to learn to do flowers for home?

Wonderful!!! Most of our workshops, classes and courses have been created with the beginner in mind! In other words, no previous experience needed.

Who are we?

Floral Training was founded by Tangerine Snyman – she is a passionate Floral Designer & Educator on a mission to improve and add value to our South African Floral Design Industry through education and setting industry standards.

Tangerine started teaching floral design to the public in 2016 and is absolutely dedicated to her students and their growth.

Above: This is her with #floraltrainingclassof2019 graduates – super proud of their first floral installation (onto a tree – the perfect ceremony backdrop).

Teaching Real Skills to Real People” is her slogan and in a nutshell explains the type of training offered: Training that is customised, always improving, on trend and relevant to the South African wedding floral design market.

She is the daughter of a retired Dutch Floral Designer where she learnt about cut-flowers for floral design purposes and the essential design skills .

Tangerine as a no-nonsense design approach. If there is a better and more effective design/mechanic/way of doing it, she will find it, test it, and teach it to others!

What do we offer?

  • Wedding and Event Floral Design Training for those aspiring to start their own Wedding Flower Business in South Africa.
  • Just for fun Flower Arranging Workshops.
  • Private group flower crown workshops for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, etc.
  • Team Building / Year End / Secretaries Day and Woman’s Day workshops for corporates and others.
  • Media Events or Product Launch fun floral workshops, floral design or floral demonstrations.

Short video on how to become a Wedding Florist in 2023:

Above: Tangerine’s latest video on how to become a Wedding Florist in 2023.

Who will benefit from our training?

  • Beginners: Most of our courses, mini-courses and workshops are perfect for beginners, no previous experience needed.
  • Intermediate: If you already have some skills, but would like to gain more practical experience through workshops or attend some flower business classes with us online.
  • If you want to start your own wedding florist business in South Africa.
  • Caterers that want to add another service to their existing business.
  • Balloon artists that want to add another service their balloon or other decor business.
  • Just for fun flower enthusiasts, plant lovers, gardeners, artists, interior designers or anyone who wants to learn something new and be creative with flowers.

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