Floral Business Coaching South Africa

Floral Business Coaching

Hello, I am Tangerine, a floral designer now also educator and floral business coach!

I made many mistakes when I started my flower business, and even these days I find myself challenged to keep up with technology and an ever changing world around me.

When I started teaching – A whole new world opened up for me, where before I worked really mostly with flowers and interacted with just a few hands full of clients per year – suddenly I had many people coming into my world and I was making a huge difference to their lives by teaching them the practical skills of Floral Design. But I have identified a huge gap between being able to do wedding flowers and being able to run a successful wedding flower business.

If you are interested in taking your business to it’s next level, or if you simply want to work on the areas of your business that is lacking – then you are invited to reach out to me by completing the form below.

I will put together a fantastic Flower Business Coaching programme that will address the areas you need guidance in.

What will the Floral Business Coaching program entail?

In a nutshell the following (and/or more) may be included:

  • GAP anlysis coaching session where we get real and assess which parts of your business we need to work on.
  • We will then together work out a schedule for ongoing coaching sessions in which these will be addressed
  • I will be providing you with ongoing email support inbetween the coaching sessions
  • I will provide you with notes after each session
  • You may receive homework to complete inbetween sessions
  • Optional extra: Receive an audio or video recording of your Zoom coaching sessions

Entry requirements

You need to be a florist / floral designer that have worked in the industry for at least 6 months, even if you are doing it part-time or you have done a course and are just starting your business, but don’t know how to proceed to get your business off the ground.

Coaching sessions are held on Zoom, thus you will need a laptop and internet.


My coaching prices are confidential and as such I request that you complete the application form below to get an estimate pricing guide.

Confidential Coaching Enquiry
Please complete this form if you are interested receiving a quote/pricing for your Flower Business Coaching needs. Confidentiality Guaranteed: All information provided to us will remain confidential.