Frequently Asked Questions

We usually offer an Early Bird Special for attendees you book well in advance.

Alumni students who attend as refresher or to learn additional skills will often get a loyalty discount.

We buy course materials and flowers at the price our suppliers sell them. We wish we could ask them to offer the goods at a cheaper price. Our venue also has a set rate per person that they charge. The caterers has a set rate per person that they charge. Printer charge their fees for printing. Hours and hours and hours of educator time goes into developing a single course or part thereof – we believe there should be a fair exchange for what we offer and include in the course.

Our Wedding Floral Design in-person course run only once a year.

You can book a one-on-one class with Tangerine on a date that is suitable for you.

Alternatively you can book an online class or our 12 Month Online Learning Program.

No… and YES!

Also YES! Tangerine does offer One-on-one training, book her for the training you need and she will travel to you. One-on-one course fees will be quoted on specifics of what you want to learn, flower prices in your area/country, travel and accommodation costs.

Our Annual Event Floral Design course will only run once in 2022 and it will be in Gauteng.

Students from all over South Africa as well as neighbouring countries are welcome to attend. We have always had students from all over.

Note: All travel, transport and accommodation costs will be for your own account. We can however recommend accommodation close to the course venue – contact us to enquire about accommodation options (

Our online learning is rolling out and has comes in 3 different methods:

  1. Online Pre-recorded Classes: You can watch our pre-recorded classes at your own pace at any time anywhere in the world. See the schedule of our pre-recorded and live classes…
  2. Online Live Group Classes: Live sessions, usually with a group, at a specific time in the GMT+2 or SAST time zone. Attendance can be from anywhere in the world, but please note the time zone and timeslot for the class you are booking. See schedule here…
  3. We have a 12 month online learning program too, live group classes. See more info here…
  4. Online Live One-on-one: Live sessions one-on-one with Tangerine. Attendance can be from anywhere in the world, but students must be willing to have the course in the GMT+2 time zone hours. Ask for a quotation…
Online Workshops & Classes

We believe in transparency, our 2 Day Even Floral Design, in-person course, has the course price listed for all to see. We have added some online business classes to this course at no additional charge.

Our online training / classes also have pricing on the website.

With one-on-one training and future classes, we will only be able to provide costs on quoting as there are many factors that play a role in the price, i.e. Flower availability & pricing.

For our In-person Wedding Floral Design Course we hire the boutique private venue called Absolute Soul. They are situated in Centurion, Gauteng – we hire this venue only for the course dates.

We are not are not affiliated with the hired venue. Bookings is still directly with us.