Practice Makes Perfect Initiative

The Practice Makes Perfect Initiative is a concept

that I have been pondering on for some time.

The Idea is…

This will only be available on selected workshops and only to a group of students who have taken a course with me before (NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC).

To help MY NEW Floral Designers I will be offering you more cost effective ways of joining me for more practical flower arranging workshops!!!!

The more you practice – the better you will get.

Each time you practice, you learn and develop a new skill, and a floral piece to photograph and add to your portfolio.

Did I mention growing your CONFIDENCE!

For selected practical workshops, you will now be able to book by PAYING WHAT YOU CAN.

Here is how it works…

Pay what you want towards attending this workshop.

Just type in the amount you want to pay below, then follow the easy payment prompts.

Yes, it is that easy and that simple!

There are no workshops currently that qualify for this initiative.


  1. Type in your own amount below
  2. Follow the easy payment steps