Terms & Conditions (Online Workshop)

By registering with FLORAL TRAINING for an online workshop/class, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


We will often refer to you, the student as: he/she, they/them, you/your, student/participant/attendant/attendee/delegate, etc.

We will often refer to Floral Training as: Floral Training with Tangerine, Tangerine, Tangerine Snyman, Us/we, our/ourselves, me/my, trainer/educator/teacher/facilitator, etc.

The training you booked will often be referred to as: Training, class or workshop.


All content developed for our workshops have been developed by ourselves and is our intellectual property.

© 2022 Copyright to Floral Training with All Rights Reserved.

Our training content as well as any other content on our website, training material (printed or digital), presentation slides, video, editable documents or any other content may NOT be distributed to others or sold to others or given away to others, or presented as their own or your own. This also means you may not use this course information as if it is your own. Distribution or selling of our content will lead to legal action against all individuals and / or companies involved. Content may not be scanned or photocopied without permission from the owner(s).

Where specifically mentioned, editable templates included you may use for your own Flower Business.


Our online workshops and classes are presented an various ways – please note under which method the class you are booking falls:

  1. Video Class – Watch and participate in your own time
  2. LIVE in Zoom Workshop – Attend live with Tangerine at a specific date and time

If you are booking for multiple individuals or a group, please advise the others of these T&C as they will apply to everyone that attend our course/class/workshop.


Zoom is an easy to use video application that you can download for free on your Smartphone, Tablet or computer. This is the application we will use for our LIVE online workshops.

Please download the application and test it at least one day before the workshop to ensure it is working.

Where you are booking a LIVE Zoom Workshop, you agree to attend and participate in the class at the event date and time as per the workshop you have selected. There will be no recorded classes available afterwards. Should you fail to attend at the specific date and time there will be no refunds.


Our Pre-recorded Video Classes will be available to you for a year/12 months from the date that you booked the class. Please ensure that you attend the class in the year. You may watch the class multiple times in one year.

Do not allow others to watch our video classes with you. Video classes are sold per person. If you would like to have another person attend and get the benefit, then you must pay for two attendees.

No recordings or screenshots or sharing of our Video Classes are allowed due to our Copy Right – All rights reserved.


After booking you will be directed to our online payment page. We accept safe & secure online payments through Payfast.

Payment reserves your spot.

Zoom LIVE workshops: Space is limited to 5-10 attendees (depending on the type of workshop) and spots will be assigned on a first come first paid basis. We encourage early booking in order to confirm your spot.

Our preferred method of payment is via Payfast online. Payfast is a secure and safe way to pay online. We never see your banking or card details as the payment is handled through payfast. Payfast accepts instant EFT, RCS Cards, Visa and Master Cards as well as some debit cards.

We do NOT accept cash payment in person or into our bank account.


Bookings with no payment, will automatically be cancelled with-in 48 hours due to non-payment.

No show: In the event where you have paid, but you did not attend live on Zoom or watched your Video Class – There will be no refund and it will be viewed as a cancellation. The fees paid to date will be your cancellation fee.

Postponement: Should circumstances arise that result in us postponing the course/class ,we will offer the same course at a new future date – no refunds will be given. Please note that a postponed course is not a cancelled course – see below for cancelled courses.

We also reserve the right to make alterations to the structure of the workshop you registered for to optimise the flow of the class, offer you a cost saving or for other operational reasons.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If we cancel a workshop, will you qualify for a full refund.


The participant consent that Floral Training with Tangerine has full and unrestricted publishing and user rights for any photographs (digital or print), videos and recordings taken during the class/course by all participants as well as photos, video and recordings taken by oursselves/ employees/ contractors/ participants in which the participant’s image or any of my materials or art, either brought in or created/generated at the course, appears.


Workshops attendees/participants may NOT take/make any videos during our flower workshops or Video Classes.


Right of admission is reserved. We will not tolerate any squabbling, rude, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour towards the facilitator, the course content, other students, other industry providers. Our attendees are entitled to a safe, stress free and non-judgement environment and therefore we reserve the right to not accept bookings or to cancel bookings from people that are rude or offensive towards us or the services we are offering – there will be no refund.

If you are asked leave or your class/workshop is cancelled because of right of admission, there will be no refund.


In the event of performance being effected or delayed by loadshedding, fault power outages, internet outages, strikes. riots, lock outs, trade deputes, weather, epidemics, pandemics, personal injury or illness, major acts of God or any other cause not within the control of Floral Training by Tangerine it is agreed that we shall not be held liable for any loss or loss of trade or profit as a result of such cause.

Floral Training by Tangerine accepts no responsibility for loss of personal items, nor for personal accidents, injury or death, nor for losses or additional expense due to participant’s attending the flower class/workshop.

Floral Training with Tangerine, shall under no circumstances, be liable to any participant for indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, or special damages, including but not limited to lost profits, even if it has been apprised of the likelihood of such damages occurring.


We usually have one to two breaks during our LIVE Zoom Workshops, we ask that you dial in again, using the same dial in details at the time specified in the workshop. Failure to sign in will be seen as a cancellation to attend further and no refunds will be issued.


You will obtain and have ready for the class your own basic tools, supplies, flowers and foliage.


As you will be attending this workshop/class in your own home/studio. We ask that you be mindful of the following:

  1. The workshop you are booking is charged per person. If you want a second person to attend with you, please book and pay for two people.
  2. Please chat to your household and let them know that they should leave you undisturbed while in training.
  3. Children may not sit in with you while you are in a Zoom Workshop. It is distracting to other students in both the video and microphone.


Your tools, supplies and fresh flower stock.

Your device, i.e. Laptop/tablet/smartphone/webcam.

Your connection: Internet/data.

Please ensure you have all the above in place for attending your workshop.


We take your right, to keep the information you share with us private, very seriously! We will not share or sell or share your contact details or any other details we have collect from you during your interactions with us via sign-up forms, booking forms, registration forms, review forms, or any other means or methods.