Part-time Wedding Floral Design Course (12 Months)

Learn how to do WEDDING FLOWERS at a steady pace.

Comprehensive Floral Design Course that you can do part-time over 12 months online.

When can you join this course?

This course has a rolling schedule with exciting online classes & assignments perfect for beginners!

You can enroll in this course any time of year, and start with the module in the month you join (see the schedule below for joining in March).

Enrol in March and enjoy your 12 months with 12 modules from March 2023 – Feb 2024.

How does it work?

Each month you will be covering a new module (12 Modules included as per the schedule below).

Each module includes includes:

  • 1 x Assignment to be completed in your own time and submitted by a due date
  • 1 x Online Video Class (Pre-recorded Video Class or a Practical Live Zoom Workshop)
  • 1 x Workbook with the module topic course notes
  • Atleast 1 x practical floral piece to be created per month (in your own time or in a live zoom workshop with Tangerine) – photo’s and / or video of your work must be submitted by a due date
  • On-going feedback of your practical work
  • On-going support & e-mail Q&A with Tangerine

Additional extras:

  • You will also get access to our private facebook group where you can learn more
  • You will also get 2 x coaching sessions to be used with-in the 12 months – online live with Tangerine on any area you want to focus on (practical, theory or flower business)

The Course Schedule:

Module 1: Introduction Class

March 2023 | A Series of Video Classes

3 x assignments

Module 2: Flower Arrangements on tall centrepieces vases, candelabra or table stands

Practical Workshop: You will make one flower arrangement

LIVE on Zoom | 1 April 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

Printable workbook/notes included.

Module 3: Branding your Flower Business

Business Class: Branding your flower business

LIVE on Zoom | 13 May 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

This is a theory only class that you will attend live with Tangerine online (Zoom) – on how to establish your brand.

Module 4: Add more services & attract more customers with this Personal Florals Module

Practical Workshop: Flower Crown, Buttonhole & Shoulder Corsage

LIVE on Zoom | 10 June 2023 | 2 hours | 11:00AM* GMT+2

Includes practical – follow along with the facilitator. Printable workbook/notes included.

Module 5: The design principles and techniques when creating a Cascading Bridal Bouquet for a Bride

Practical Workshop: Cascading Bridal Bouquet

LIVE on Zoom | 9 July 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

Includes practical – follow along with the facilitator. Printable workbook/notes included.

Module 6: Overview of the guidelines and rules when designing and styling centerpieces for round guest tables

Practical Workshop: Centrepiece flower arrangement (low, in floral foam)

LIVE on Zoom | 5 August 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

After theory, we will also do practical and make a centrepiece flower arrangement together. Includes a printable workbook.

Module 8 – BONUS

Mini-Course: Bridal Bouquets

September 2023 – This mini-course consists of several Video Classes that you can watch in your own time.

In this video mini-course Tangerine demonstrates a few different hand-tied bridal bouquets. This module includes 1 x theory assignment, 1 x practical assignment and 1 x printable workbook.

Module 7: Floral Installations on freestanding pillars

Practical Workshop: Freestanding Pillar of flowers

LIVE on Zoom | 1 October 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

In this workshop you will learn how to build your own freestanding pillars & do the flower arrangement on it. This is a “watch & learn” workshop live with Tangerine. You will do the practical in your own time after the class. Includes printable workbook.

Module 9: Business Class: How to work with minimums

LIVE on Zoom | 16 November 2023 | 2 hours | 18:00PM* GMT+2

Did you hear the new buzz word in the industry – charging a minimum. In this business class we delve into quotations everything you need to know about charging a minimum & how to implement it.

Module 10: Bridal Table flower arrangements, decor & styling

Practical Workshop: Bridal Table Flower Arrangement

LIVE on Zoom | 8 December 2023 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

This is a practical class, follow along with the facilitator. This class includes a printable workbook.

Module 11: Working with long rectangular flower arrangements on long rows of tables

Practical workshop: Rectangular florals on long rows of tables

LIVE on Zoom | 28 January 2024 | 3 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

This is a practical class, follow along with the facilitator. This class includes a printable workbook.

Module 12: Learn how to dry & colour flowers yourself and how to make dried flower arrangements or add dried flowers to your fresh flower arrangements

Video Class and Live Zoom Workshop

LIVE Zoom Workshop | 25 Feb 2024 | 2 hours | 10:00AM* GMT+2

This module has a video class, followed by 2 x assignments and 1 x Practical Zoom Workshop.

1 x Printable workbook.

NB Note: Live Zoom Classes – As most of these classes are presented in the South African time zone GMT+2 – times of these workshops may be adjusted due to loadshedding, facilitators schedule or change in the course dates. If there are any changes to the course, you will be notified.

Invest in your education

Course Fee: R 5900 per person*


  • 12 x Modules over 12 months
  • Each module will have a minimum of one video class or one live zoom workshop
  • 12 x Assignments
  • 12 x Workbooks
  • 2 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions with Tangerine LIVE on Zoom
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group with free content
  • Grading of your practical work
  • Certificate on completion

Payment Method Accepted

Due to the high risk of fraud in SA, we accept safe & secure online payments via Payfast. With Payfast you can pay online via Debit Card, Credit Card, InstantEFT as well as any of the store cards listed below.

Students often ask if they can pay off their course fee:

We are not a credit provider, therefore these course fees must be settled before you can start the course, but here are two options for you:

  1. Take out a loan with RCS or use your RCS Group Store Card to pay for this course.
  2. Pay with your store card from any of the credit providers below (Game, Makro, Builders, Contempo Corricraft, Supa Quick, CTM, Old Khaki, Cape Union Mart, Peitry Keedo, Tread & Miller, VIP, NWJ, etc).

Above: In the moment shot of Tangerine teaching during a practical zoom workshop.

How does this online course work?

Yes, this is an online course that offers you valuable training at a fraction of the cost as there are less overhead fees associated with an in-person course (venue hire, catering, printing, stock purchases, etc).

Once you have enrolled and paid your course fee, you will get access to our “training portal” where you can log in with your username and password (we’ll send you all the details in your Welcome email). On this portal you will be able to see your course schedule, assignments, download your printable assignments and workbooks, watch video classes, etc.

Where there are live online classes, we use Zoom to host these classes. Zoom is a free app and you can download it onto your laptop or tablet. During these Zoom classes you will have your camera on and participate/do practical flower arranging, with Tangerine live on Zoom. You will be able to interact with her (and other attendees) and she will be able to see, hear and interact with you through Zoom. These classes are quite small, so don’t worry, you won’t get lost in large numbers attending. You will feel like you are right next to Tangerine.

For the practical you will need to purchase your flowers & supplies before hand – don’t worry, Tangerine will send you a comprehensive list of what you will need once she has your booking. When you do the practical, on your side of the zoom workshop, Tangerine will be there with you step by step guiding you.

This course has 12 modules (as described above). Each month you will also get an assignment to complete. At the end of the course you will get a full report with feedback on the floral work you created.

Support during this course:

Once you have signed up, you will have unlimited e-mail support directly with Tangerine, to ask any questions about the course or the course content.

During or after the course, you will also get 2 x complimentary 1 hour online coaching sessions one-on-one with Tangerine – you can make use of these coaching credits by simply e-mailing Tangerine for an appointment. These coaching sessions are held live on zoom (video on).

What you will need to effectively participate in this course:

  • A laptop or tablet.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Free Zoom software / app installed on your device.
  • Your own tools, supplies and flowers: A list of the supplies, tools and flowers you will need for each class will be e-mailed to you about 2 weeks before the class date.


  • Your fresh flower & foliage stock. You need to purchase your own flowers and supplies for each practical class.
  • Supplies & tools. You need to purchase your own supplies and tools.
  • Computer (or other device) & internet is excluded from the course price, you need to arrange your own.
  • Printing.

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