Via Channel – EENDAG TV Show

23 March 2022 – Season 2, Episode 7

Tangerine is always up for a challenged and when she was approached by the Productions Manager of the South African show EENDAG, she jumped at the opportunity.

Eendag is a TV show on VIA channel (DStv 147) that gives couples that have been trying to get married, but could not because of their unique circumstances, the chance to finally do it.

But the catch is that everything happens in just ONE DAY (hence the Afrikaans name EENDAG). It is an Afrikaans show.

The couple: Kim and Jacques entered the program and was selected. They submit their wishes and Eendag makes it come true with the help of the best wedding suppliers.

Tangerine were fortunate to be selected to do Kim and Jacques wedding flowers on the day! Oh boy, the pressure was on, ‘want alles gebeur op daai EEN DAG’!

Photo’s of the Wedding & the Floral Design by Tangerine ( coming soon.